Everyday life

Everyday life and the surrounding reality may seem banal and quite simple if it is not embellished. And this can be done in different ways. In our case, this can be done with Interesting facts and knowledge that occur in our daily lives. Materials on this topic are collected here.

hakarl shark dish

Hakarl or food for real warriors

Did you know that the national dish of Iceland is Hákarl or Hákarl. This is the food of real Vikings! In fact, this dish is rotten and dried shark meat. This dish is prepared specifically. And not everyone can eat it. Hákarl, or food for true warriors, is the heritage of Icelandic cuisine.

History of toilet paper

History of toilet paper

Who would have thought, but along with regular paper, the Chinese also invented toilet paper! The emperors of China received special scented soft paper of special quality. But a person could continue to wipe himself with moss, hay, burdock leaves, or just his finger. For example, in ancient Rome, instead of paper, they used a stick with a sponge, which was used to wipe the butt and periodically rinse it with water. And in America, half-eaten cobs of corn were initially used instead of paper. A modern person cannot imagine himself in the toilet without toilet paper, since its absence can cause a lot of inconvenience. But this does not bother many residents of Arab countries and India at all, since they wipe with their left hand and then wash it thoroughly! So, the history of toilet paper: welcome to the world of hygiene.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks or smoking candles

Did you know that incense sticks are correctly called “Smoking candles”? Those. This is a direct reference to tobacco products. Why? Yes, all because everything that we systematically inhale as a result of the combustion of organic substances is smoking. Even if the product emits a pleasant aromatic smoke as a result of combustion. Aromatic incense (including incense) is believed to create a relaxing atmosphere and a kind of stimulating state of relaxation. So, incense sticks or smoking candles: interesting facts.