History of toilet paper

Who would have thought, but along with regular paper, the Chinese also invented toilet paper! The emperors of China received special scented soft paper of special quality. But a person could continue to wipe himself with moss, hay, burdock leaves, or just his finger. For example, in ancient Rome, instead of paper, they used a stick with a sponge, which was used to wipe the butt and periodically rinse it with water. And in America, half-eaten cobs of corn were initially used instead of paper. A modern person cannot imagine himself in the toilet without toilet paper, since its absence can cause a lot of inconvenience. But this does not bother many residents of Arab countries and India at all, since they wipe with their left hand and then wash it thoroughly! So, the history of toilet paper: welcome to the world of hygiene.

Toilet paper as a hygiene product

Toilet paper has become an everyday hygiene product, and only a bidet can compete with it in the civilized world.

Toilet paper also plays a role in culture and art

The history of toilet paper began recently

The first mention of toilet paper in Europe dates back to the 16th century, when the French artist and author Michel de Montaigne mentioned it in his writings. However, it became widespread only in the 19th century.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, old books and documents were often used as toilet paper, which led to the destruction of valuable written works.

There is a variety of textures and intricacies of toilet paper depending on the country. For example, in Japan, toilet paper can be much thinner and even serve as gift wrapping.

There are now many eco-friendly alternatives to toilet paper, such as cloth towels, biodegradable wet wipes and even reusable cloth wipes, which help reduce the environmental burden.

Large roll of toilet paper

Toilet paper in modern life

Toilet paper also plays a role in culture and art. For example, there are many art installations and sculptures created from toilet paper, as well as photographs and paintings where it is used as a decorative element.

Modern toilet paper

In some countries, such as China and South Korea, there are specialty stores and museums dedicated exclusively to toilet paper and its history.

Toilet paper has also become a collectible item for some people, and collection sets with different packaging designs are becoming popular among collectors.

colored toilet paper

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