Are cats really blind? Unique vision

They say that a cat sees better than a person. Especially in the dark. Cats need this, first of all, for hunting. After all, all cats are predators. But at night they see really well! The fact remains a fact. But why? It is better to turn to science with this question. And yet, are cats really blind? The unique vision of cats is based on the following scientific data.

Unique vision of cats

The cat's eye is structured almost the same as that of humans, but there are corresponding differences. The pupil has a larger diameter in relation to the eye, the retina is represented mainly by a large number of rods (photoreceptors that detect light or shadow) and a mirror layer (Tapetum Lucidum). By the way, just in the dark we see that a cat’s eyes glow precisely thanks to the mirror layer of the choroid and only when direct light hits it. The cat's third eyelid moisturizes the surface of the eye.

Are cats really blind? Unique vision

Are cats blind?

Disappointingly, it turns out that cats are strong dichromats (or weak trichromats)! This means that they see everything, in fact, in black and white! This is how evolution works and cats are not destined to see colorful, rainbow landscapes! Apparently, cats don’t need colors, but what a pity that pets cannot share the joys of colorful bouquets and balloons with their owners. There are few cones in the eye, so the cat sees grass as red rather than green. The visual acuity of cats also requires better quality. It is six times worse than in humans. Don't believe me? It has been experimentally proven that from a distance of 1 meter a cat cannot see details less than 2 mm (!).

Cat's Eye