The flock in the sky paints pictures

Fish gather in schools, birds gather in flocks. But more amazing things can be seen in the sky when birds create three-dimensional pictures and images that are constantly changing dynamically. The dance of starlings is a phenomenon in nature when a flock paints pictures in the sky. And it’s called Murmuration! A large flock of birds (starlings, crows, jackdaws) creates a black cloud of variable density that changes shape. This is truly a grandiose spectacle. Nature, always possessing miracles and secrets, occasionally provides us with amazing performances that leave us in incredible delight.

Murmuration is one such phenomenon where a flock of birds creates real art in the skies. Let's dive into this wonderful world and try to understand it.

The flock in the sky paints pictures - Murmuration

What is Murmuration?

Murmuration is a dance of birds in which they gather in large flocks and create incredible images and patterns in the sky. Starlings, crows, jackdaws - they all take part in this amazing show, where thousands of birds move synchronously, creating picturesque pictures.

Art in Motion

What makes murmuration truly exciting? This is a dynamic art where the black cloud of birds continuously changes its shape and direction. Abstract images appear in the sky that remind us of paintings by abstract artists. Just when you think you have solved the image, it disappears, turning into something new.

Dance Defense

Now let's talk about why these birds dance so actively. Murmuration plays an important role in protecting the flock. Each bird in the flock sees its relatives and remains close to them. This creates constant visibility and control of the situation. If a predator tries to approach, the flock quickly reacts, changing its shape and direction of movement. This makes it difficult for the predator to choose a victim and makes the flock less vulnerable.

Murmuration is the dance of birds

A flock in the sky paints pictures: how a person sees it

Murmuration brings us not only visual pleasure, but also important lessons. It reminds us of the power of collective action and how collective effort can achieve amazing results. It also emphasizes the importance of conserving nature and its wonderful manifestations. Due to the fact that the human brain is able to see specific images (apophenia) in some objects and phenomena, it can observe unique landscapes. Murmuration is a true art of nature, transforming the sky into a painting palette. This is a dance that makes us admire nature and strive to preserve it.