Is it possible to drink aqua regia? Dangerous experience

Royal vodka, no matter how alluring and luxurious it may seem, is in fact far from being a drink for ingestion. The name of this substance comes from the ancient word “voda” or “vodka”, which means “little water”. She was also known as "Royal" in some sources. However, behind this enticing manner hides something surprising and even dangerous. Sometimes, in chemistry lessons, teachers tell interesting pieces of history about it. So is it possible to drink aqua regia? A dangerous experience can have fraught consequences...

The Secret of Aqua Regia

Royal vodka is not at all an alcoholic drink, as it might immediately seem. It is a mixture of very strong concentrated acids, namely nitric and perchloric, in a ratio of 1:3. These acids are powerful chemicals that, in the wrong conditions, can be hazardous to human health. What is her secret?

Gold and Aqua Regia: Historical Connection

There must be a formula, and this is what it is! Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and luxury, and Aqua Regia is associated with this noble metal. She got her name thanks to her amazing ability to dissolve gold in herself. This property makes it unique among other substances.

Gold in aqua regia

The secrets of dissolving gold

The process of dissolving gold in Aqua Regia is a real chemical miracle. Gold can be dissolved in this mixture due to a chemical reaction that allows nitric and perchloric acids to react with the metal. Thus, Aqua Regia is capable of turning noble gold into a solution, making it less noble.

Platinum and silver in Tsar Vodka

Interestingly, Aqua Regia is also capable of dissolving platinum, which makes it even more amazing. However, silver remains immobile and cannot be dissolved in this mixture.

Can you drink aqua regia? Chemical phenomenon

And yet, can you drink it or not? No matter how the name sounds, Tsar Vodka is not only an unusual historical artifact, but also an amazing chemical phenomenon. Its ability to dissolve gold and platinum makes it one of the most amazing substances ever discovered by mankind. But despite its chemical wonder, it remains inedible and dangerous to consume. Aqua regia remains a mystery and a miracle of chemistry that we can only admire from afar.