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Tsans' heads cut off and reduced to a tennis ball

Tsants Trophies. Severed heads and more

Since ancient times, warriors have valued trophies after their successful victories. Did you know that the South African Jivaro Indians, after their military adventures, did not even collect scalps as trophies? These were... heads. But these are not just heads. These are Tsants trophies or severed heads. But that's not all...

Sherlock Holmes prototype

Sherlock Holmes prototype

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes, described by Arthur Conan Doyle, have become famous throughout the world thanks to their unconventional deductive crime investigations. Did you know that due to such popularity, this work was most often screened. Over 300 versions of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were filmed. A.K. Doyle did not consider this work serious, so the decision was made to “destroy” the main character in one of the stories. As a result, a sea of angry letters from fans poured in, after which Sherlock was “resurrected.” But there are still interesting facts. For example, the prototype of Sherlock Holmes is Dr. Joseph Bell.

Who was Count Dracula really?

Who was Count Dracula really

After the creation of the image of Count Dracula by Bram Stoker, the theme of vampires became very popular. And who was Dracula anyway? Son of the Dragon, son of the devil - this is how his name is translated. The prototype of Dracula was a very real person - Vlad III Tepes (the impaler) - the ruler of Wallachia, who lived in the middle of the 15th century in the lands of Transylvania. This historical area was located between Romania and Hungary. With his bloodthirsty executions he terrified the local residents. In fragments of chronicles, Vlad the Impaler could throw a feast that would make your blood run cold. Among those dying on stakes and executed, he set up tables and calmly ate. In Bran Castle (the prototype of Dracula's castle) and in its courtyard, guests and Turkish ambassadors, seeing such a thing, very quickly spread the word about the terrible ruler. He was greatly feared and respected.