Here are collected interesting facts, knowledge and news related to the science of Psychology. This is a subtle science that studies the reactions of the Psyche to external influences. Although Psychology belongs to the humanities, the path of its knowledge is directly related to the natural disciplines.

Who scares children?

Who scares children in the world?

For children to obey before bed, parents scare them.

In Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, children are frightened by Baba Yaga, Barmaley, Wolf, Drum, Belt, Uncle Policeman and Babai. By the way, Babai is translated from Tatar as Grandfather, and Babayka is Grandmother, but this is not explained to children and their childhood fears and fantasies add to the picture of terrible monsters. So who else scares children?

Phobias or fears

Phobias or fears. Fear of something

Phobia is a fear of something or internal fears. Phobias are classified as mental disorders. You won't believe it, but there are some pretty strange and sometimes surprising phobias. Caution is a very ancient instinct! Phobias and fears are that part of the human nature and psychology that helps us survive. Here are some of them.